Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It all started about a year ago

I guess the time has come to start to put out some of the things that are happening over here. I can't promise anything either riveting or even vaguely interesting, but I felt the need to document my progress on a couple of interrelated, 2 year, hobby projects that I'm currently playing with.

The first is the building of a Volkswagen Beetle-based hot rod which is intended as a present for my grandson when he's old enough to drive, and qualified (in about 10 years). For more of the history of the VolksRod with comments from others in the hobby, you can take a look at either of these two sites:
Volksrods UK
Keversite NL (mostly in Dutch)
but I'll also post the un-commented build thread in this blog as soon as I can get around to it.

The second project is the building, programming and installation of the car's electronic engine telemetry system, it's audio and entertainment computer, and in the long-term it's engine management system. For this side of things, I'll be posting here mostly, although I will probably make occasional posts on
Digital Car UK
A site which is well worth visiting if you are interested in in-car electronics.

I don't work very quickly, and I make a lot of mistakes along the way, but I'll share them, good or bad, and I do intend to finish, one way or another.

Along the way I may also post a few things I felt the need to jot down before I forget them, or maybe some random thoughts, a recipe ... I dunno ... really whatever is in my head at the time I guess ... but most of the time it will be my way of providing my grandson Joshua with a permanent record of the car build,
, so if you're interested, drop in occasionally and see what's up.