Thursday, October 10, 2013

A New Life for an old Blog?

Maybe it's time I resurrected this blog. After 3 years of building the bug, I'm now driving it and beginning to find the time to catch up on all those things I didn't keep going.

Here he is .. done

I would probably not have remembered this little corner of my world had it not been for Mike, the Editor-in-Chief of the excellent Android Revolution blog. I recently wrote a review for him on the Meenova MicroSD Card Reader for Android, a compact OTG /USB device, and in the process of signing up to submit the review good old Google reminded me about my own, long neglected blog .. right here.

So what's next ??


My grandson is now 12 going on 13 and he's a keen electro/gadget tekkie, so as the evenings draw in, I think I might break out my trusty soldering iron and start a project or two with him.

The electronic dashboard idea is still lurking in the back of my mind, but right now I don't have a spare engine to use as a test bed, so until I do that little project is going to have to wait.

More soon ... 

 ... and I hope, this time, It will be a little more frequently than once every 3 years !!!