Thursday, March 20, 2014

Off to the official 2014 HTC One (M8) Launch

HTC have invited me to attend the HTC One Launch at London Olympia on 25th March. I'll be there in the front row along with 19 other lucky HTC fans to witness the spectacle and meet up with the big names at HTC.

There will also be plenty of opportunity to have some hands-on time with the new HTC One as well, and it it's anything like my 2013 model it is going to be a great experience. The phone itself has been leaked in the blogosphere and press until most people believe they've seen it all already, but for me, leaks seem so tawdry and sly. There's nothing quite like the razzamatazz of a product launch to add spice and whatever they show me, I'll be suitably excited.

Not only will I be attending, but along with 2 other fans on-site and one off-site, we will be delivering a live video feed of the entire proceedings. Three cameramen o-site and one controller back home will be using their owwn HTC One phone cameras to bring you the action.

This won't just cover the presentation, as most official videos seem to do. We will also be continuing to broadcast during the hands-on and entertainment session, so that we can bring you live action with the real, official, unleaked HTC One (M8).

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