Saturday, April 5, 2014

Do It Yourself ???

I just spent all morning doing things to the constant sound of one of the neighbours in the street toiling manfully and failing entirely to remove a brake disk from the front wheel of his 2008 BMW 5-Series ...

Now I don't generally interfere locally in case it gets me a reputation for being one of the "can you help with my ..." people on the block ...

... but ...

The combination of sympathy after watching him struggling in frustration surrounded by an ever growing pile of levers, bars, pullers, spanners, a mallet and various tools on whose original purpose I can only speculate (but all of which shared the common attribute that they didn't do the job) ... plus the good possibility that at this rate he would still be clattering and banging at midnight ... made me stroll over and ask him what he was doing ...

Once I was sure he actually was trying to remove the disk, and that everything actually had been undone properly .. I belted it, hard, twice, with a nice big mallet ...

... and then went back to my cuppa in the kitchen leaving him to ponder on how much less time it will take him to do the driver's side disk

Good deed of the day accomplished .. I can get back to being a regular asshole again now, comfortable in the knowledge that the karma of a single positive contribution of this calibre has probably paid in advance for a whole day's worth of my level of assholery

As my good friend Mark, owner of the Shack of Dreams, would say ... a 2 pound mallet is one of the most underrated pieces of high-tech engineering equipment ..

I wish I'd been wearing Google Glass to catch the expression on his face as the disk dropped off in after two well placed clouts .. hehehe ... my writing skills just couldn't describe the sound of a jaw dropping that fast

... but the truth of it is that I was just as surprised .,.. I was only trying to loosen up the soft corrosion grip between the disk and the bearing ready for a good pull !!!

( Who is Mark ??? ... this is Mark ... )

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